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Imagine maritaImagine marita
"The Center of the World"                    "The First Village"

Imagine marita  
"The magical land from Carpati"

are just a few of the names used by writers, journalists, researchers, professors, and foreigners travelling by calls this beautiful part of Romania.

The Historical Maramuresul is the nucleum of what the origin of the first landlords Dragos si Bogdan brings together in the valley of Viseu, Iza and Mara there is more history in this northern part of Romania than anywhere else.

Historical coordinates:

  • 1119 is the year when the first latin documents mention: Maramorisius, Maramurus, Maramorosius, Maramoros si Marmatia; the Greeks, Slavic and Polish: Maramores and Maramorīs (Filipascu). The name comes from the Mara river according to the researches of Mihaly de Apsa. Viseu de Sus is placed geographically in the heart of the historical Maramures and it is one of the most representative parts of the county. It is a small community with 18.900 inhabitants, with 10 religious centres, chirstianity signs and also signs of long lasting communion between several ethnic groups: Romanians, Germans, Hungarians, Ucrainians, Gypsies and others.
  • 1365 - February, 2 - the first written documentary „ambele Visae" (Viseu de Jos and Viseu de Mijloc) are given as a gift by king Ludovic/Louie to voievodului Balk from Maramures (according to the „Diplome maramuresene din sec. XIV-XV" de Ioan Mihaly de Apsa, 1900 document.
  • 1385 - in a so called "diploma", mentioned by Mihaly de Apsa is found for the first time the name Viseu de Sus;
  • 1453 - mentioned for the first time the "kneziatul" of both Visae with the Wasser and Viseu rivers;
  • 1489 - mentioned for the first time the name ofi Viseu de Sus town