Pro Viseu
for building a modern community"

The   Presentation of the Organisation

Our vision :

A durable community development can be made through managerial ways and tools adequate for the III-rd millenium :

  • local, regional, national and international community partenerships
  • the approuval and development of the spirit and initiatives
  • antreprenorial in favour of the efficient use of the local resources
  • education, continuous community and managerial development
The Pro Viseu Foundation was set up on October 26, 1998 as a non-governmental non-profit organization by a group of individuals, private companies and Viseu de Sus City Hall.

Contact us:
- Address: Libertatii No. 1, Viseu de Sus, 4975, Maramures
- tel/fax: 062-352285, email: , URL:

The Foundation's Objectives:

   "To encourage and promote local economic initiatives within the regional development"


  • starting   ecological activities in Viseu de Sus , the Foundation has a ecologist group;
  • organising   meetings with  privat firms from the region, willing to establish   relationships for collaboration in the privat area development;
  • "The antrprenorial spirit development of the small and medium companies' managers of Romanian, Hungarian, German and Ucrainian nationals from Viseu region" project financed by Fundatia Euroregiunea Carpatica , with a 3.220 USD budget
  • "Comunication-intercomunication for the phisycal and social integration of the children from the CASA DE COPI/OrphanageI", project financed by the Fundatia pentru o Societate Deschisa/Foundation for an Open Society, with a 5.280 USD buget , and duration 8 months (10.99-05.2000)
  • co-ordonation on a local plan , of the Dezvoltare Economica Locala (DEL)/Local Economical Development seminars in the Programul de Redistribuire a Fortei de Munca/Program of Labour Redistribution made by the Ministerul Muncii/Labour Ministry din Romania and USDOL
  • "Centru de promovare si dezvoltare a turismului"/Center for promoting and developing tourism project financed by USDOL, with a 30.000 USD buget and the activity time  1 year.
  • The foundation is a profesional training and countinuous training including the local administration.

The list of the managing members' organisation:

The managing part of the Pro Viseu Foundation is enssured by a administration board of 3 persons, and the educational management is atributed to an executive manager.

Executive Board :

- President and CEO - Ioan Sabau - Engineer
- Members: Grad Alexandru - Economist
                      Andreica Dumitru - Mathematician