"This project is organized within the Local Economic Development of Workforce Redistribution Programme maintained by the Professional Development National Agency and has been co-financed by the International Development Agency of the United States of America (USAID).

Tourism Centre Project

VASERTOUR Travel Agency

The center for the promoting and development of the tourism was a project of the "ProViseu" foundation which was in it's approuval period in the 2000 year - 2001 year.

Basic elements of this project are resumated

1.Strategical development directions :

  • protecting and upgarding of the natural and antropic touristic found from the Viseu region

  • promoting through the realisation of a web page , touristic gudes and CDs

2. Main objective:

  • To set up a Tourism Centr in Viseu de Sus, able to lay the foundations of a tourism industry in the region.

  • Classic and modern promotion - Tourism Centre
  • Preserve and Improve the Natural Touristic Fund
  • Continuous monitoring of the touristic offer
  • Human resources development involved in tourism

3. Achievements :

1. promotion:

  • web age of Viseu
  • the leaflet „Vișeu de Sus - an adventure in the Romanian Carpathians", 2000 printed copies -
  • the touristic guide-book (2000 printed copies)
  • a 15 minute touristic documentary about the region both in Romanian and English on video tape and CD (their picture)

2. training:

  • 16 persons have taken the the touristic guide specialized courses
  • 14 persons took specialized courses on Business administration

3. inventary of the accommodation places and boarding houses and other touristic offers:

  • 120 accommodations, 24 of them accredited
  • more then 200 places where to have meals, either in boarding houses or restaurants
  • 2 tourist transportation companies

4. the providing of assistance and consulting services on the tourism field for about 150 people

5. the development of two new business opportunuties in the region

6. the offering of 20 touristic programs according to the tourist's preference, the duration or season

7. the setting out of cooperation conventions with some other similar organization in the country

8. the continuity of the project through the foundation of the Travel Agency Vasertour



4. Synergy / cooperation with other programmes or organisations (positive factors)

In Viseu de Sus there are hobbies in tourism - we do expect opinions of persons or groups concerning the existing activities as well as furture opportunities. International collaborators are more than welcome, the exchange of ideas-information being one of our strong points.

A very good example of real/virtual co-operationis described hereby:
Soon it was created an association aiming to preserve Wasser Valley, formed by Swiss, Austrians and Gemans. The association is addressed to the owners of steam trains, tourism amators, proposing concrete actions. It will pay the costs of the railway from Wasser Valley till Poiana Novat. It has printed a first number of a biannual publication, providing information about the how to reach Viseu, Wasser Valey,… Its name is "Hilfe fur Wassertalbahn/Rumanien" and its president is Mr. Michael Schneeberger, journalist from Berna, author of a guide-book about Viseu and some exhibitions in many cities from Switzerland and Germany, a part of them being included in our web site, with the author's support.

7.Project team

The persons involved in this project was:

  • Sabau Ioan - project co-ordinator
  • Copândean Iuliu
  • Burcea Constantin

Please send your comments and opinions concerning

  • This project
  • The activities of ProViseu Foundation,
Through the Guestbook or through all classic ways.

We will be glad to schedule for you meetings with our experts and consultants in Viseu Tourism Office Centre, where we will have your opinion for

A Modern community
and a sustainable TOURISM in Viseu-Maramures