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Trasee si circuite turistice :
Imagine marita!

  • Vin Valley as an enetertainment region +the mineral water from here

  • Viseu de Sus-Sighetu Marmatiei-Sapânta = 70 km, auto, DN 18

Itineraries on the Vaser Valley

  1. From the Novăt train station, the route goes through Ihoasa, Râpi (by train) up to Rosu, then it goes up the Gotan Hill, Gradu's Foot, the Toroiaga and Tiganu Peaks and gets to Măcârlău (on the Vaser Valley).
  2. From the Novăt Glade, you can climb up Greben (about 3 km), reach Obcioara's Peak, go down to the mineral water spring ( a 2 km way), afterwards you take a 2-3 km long way up to the Novicioru bathing-house from the Austro-Hungarian Empire's time, now abandoned. You will also find a chalet of Viseu Forest Wood Processing Enterprise. From this point you can take the way to the Novicioru train station (5-6 km).
  3. From the Novăt Ghade up to the Greben peak and all the way back, touring time: about 7 hours.
  4. From the Novicioru bathing house to Popa's Flat Mountain (4 km), then up to Preluca Pipei (Pipa's Hill) and down to the Faina hidrometric station.
  5. From the Botizu train station, you take the 3 km - way up the brook to the crossroad, where from you can take the right way to Lutoasa (2-3 km) the place of the mountain corps military unit, related to the personality of general Leonard Mociunski, one of Charles de Gaulle's friend. From there is a 500 m-way to the border to Ukrain from where you can admire a gorgeous panorama of Ukrain and Poland.
  6. From the Botiza station, you go about 3 km up the brook and take the left way at the crossroad, on a forestry road you can get to the Bardău Peak from where you can see all the Maramures county. You can spend the night over at a sheepfold and the next day go to Viseu, taking the way that crosses the Băita (Cozia) Peak, Glâmboaca (the IPEG chalet) and goes down Valea Rea (the Bad Valley).
  7. A 4-5 day summer itinerary from the Viseu Forestry Railway Station: you take the train up to Comanu (43 km), then you go up the ComanuMic Peak, get to Gliganu, Stevioara, Lostun, Făina, Suligu, Pietriceaua, Lutoasa, the Bardău Peak, then to Băita (Cozia) and Soimu, afterwards you go down Valea Rea. You can spend the nights at some sheepfolds; the route is along the border to Ukrain, across slopes.

All these itineraries allow eventual deviations from the previously established touristic points.

From the Borsa regionyou can enjoy the following map-marked itineraries:

a) the Rodna Mountains area:

  • Borsa Touristic Complex - Făina Valley - Izvorul Cailor Falls - The Stiol Saddle - The Prislop Pass
    Marking: red triangle
    Touring time: 4-5 hours
  • The Prislop Pass - Tartars; Hill - Borsa Touristic Complex
    Marking: yellow strip
    Touring time: 2,5 - 3 hours
  • Borsa Touristic Complex - Runcu StioluluiGlade - the Stiol Saddle - the Bistrita Spring - the Gărgălău Saddle
    M marking: blue strip
    Touring time: 3,5 - 4 hours
  • Borsa Touristic Complex - the Tableland - Puzdra - the Galati Saddle
    Marking: blue print
    Touring time: 4,5 - 5 hours
  • Borsa - Pietrosu Mountain Lake - Rebra Peak - Bătrâna Peak - the Setref Pass
    Marking red strip
    Touring time: 14-16 hours

b) the Maramurs Mountains area:

  • Sesuri (on the Bistrita Valley - National Road 18) - Sesuri Valley - The Fântâna Stanchi Chalet
    Marking: blue point
    Touring time: 4-5 hours

After „Muntii Maramuresului - Database concerning the establishment of Biosphere Reserve - 2000"

  • Viseu-Borsa Complex-Pasul Prislop-Bistrita Aurie-Bucovina (manastiri) = 150 km, auto, DN 18 si cale ferata = 130 km
  • Viseu-Borsa-Prislop-Sesuri-Bila-Anies-Sângeorz Bai (statiune) = 115 km, auto
  • Viseu-Dealul Moiseiului-Izvorul Albastru al Izei-Pestera Izei andretur, auto 13 km, 7 km forestier road, 5 km short road
  • Viseu-Valea Scradei (manastire), auto, 17 km
  • Viseu-Poiana Novat-Izvorul Cailor-Piciorul Gradului-Valea Fataciunii-Rotundu- Baia Borsa, 28 km cale ferata, 9 km forestier road, 2 km drum judetean auto
  • Viseu-Catarama-Gura Baii-Baia Borsa, 42 km cale ferata, 15 km auto, 4 km poteca
  • Viseu-Ivascoaia-Magura 2-Balasâna-Baia Borsa, 43 km cale ferata, 12 km auto, 5 km short road
  • Viseu-Poiana Novat-Ihoasa-Betigi-Dealul Moiseiului-Moisei, 23 km cale ferata, 2 km auto, 3 km poteca, 7 km drum de carutaImagine marita!

  • Viseu-Faina (small church), 32 km, cale ferata
  • Viseu-Comanu, 46 km, cale ferata forestiera



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